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Fighting for a Better Washington


Our great state is in crisis mode from decades of failed leadership and harmful policies. Washington has the lowest amount of police in the nation and the highest crime rates in decades, some of the highest taxes and cost of living, drug and homelessness crises, an education system that is failing our kids in the basics, the 4th most unaffordable housing in the nation, and some of the most unaffordable and unavailable childcare in the country.

With your help I fought back and won on critical issues that matter most to the people of Washington State.

We restored reasonable police pursuits, banned state income taxes, and enacted a Parents Bill of Rights for education, and restored penalties for possession of hard drugs.

We stopped the state from placing sexually violent predators from McNeil Island into your neighborhoods, and stopped a proposal for an international airport which would’ve levelled thousands of homes and harmed the environment.

In my first term, I passed multiple measures to protect our most vulnerable children and people with disabilities.

I won record investments into our rural district that will drive economic development, build infrastructure, create more childcare, improve schools, build affordable housing, help create jobs, protect domestic violence survivors, and lift up our entire community.

You know as well as I do that there is still much more to be done. I charged into Olympia with a fire in my belly and I fought for everything I promised you I would fight for and more – and I'm not done yet. It is my mission to hear you, stand up for you, fight for our values, and amplify your voice in Olympia.


It is my life’s honor and privilege to be your Representative.

Public Safety

Travis is tough on rising crime and reversed laws that made our community vulnerable by restoring police pursuits and penalties for possession of hard drugs. He fought to clean up dangerous homeless encampments and provide more mental and behavioral health.


Tax & Econ

Travis fights for lower taxes, less bureaucracy, and pro-growth policies. He voted to ban a state income tax, and he increased property tax relief for seniors and veterans. He stands up for sustainable budgets and against reckless spending while supporting policies to generate more housing, childcare, and lower costs at the gas pump.



Travis opposes unfunded mandates that crush school budgets and supports policies that focus strengthening core skills comprehension, safety, and school choice. He voted to enact the Parents Bill of Rights and to fully fund special education - to fulfill our state's paramount constitutional duty.



Following the Constitution is Travis's top priority. He will always defend your rights and freedoms. He vigorously opposes attacks on our 2nd Amendment and property rights.



Travis is tough on rising crime and reversed laws that made our community vulnerable by restoring police pursuits and penalties for possession of hard drugs. He fought to clean up dangerous homeless encampments and provide more mental and behavioral health.



Protecting Your Freedoms

Since Day One


A U.S. Navy Veteran, Travis understands what sacrifice and service mean.

A submariner, Travis would frequently patrol the Pacific while stationed with Ballistic Missile Submarines USS Alabama and USS Nebraska. He successfully completed multiple strategic deterrence patrols under stressful situations, separated from family, serving our Nation honorably while out to sea for months at a time. Like anyone who served in the Armed Forces, Travis put his life on the line each day for nothing more than to protect and defend the American people and the freedoms enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Upon completion of his tour of duty, Travis was honorably discharged in 2011, having earned:

  • Submarine Dolphins warfare pin

  • Navy Good Conduct Medals

  • Sea Service Deployment ribbons 

  • Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

  • Admiral’s Citation for exemplary performance

  • Promoted through the Command Advancement Program 

Experience You Can Trust


With over a decade of community involvement in the 35th Legislative District, Travis is a trusted leader and critical voice for us in the state legislature.


In his professional capacity, Travis worked for a Fortune 500 company as a program manager overseeing billions of dollars in assets and assisting the U.S. Navy with protecting the nation at Naval Base Kitsap. Recently, Travis has led over 100 employees as the Director of Operations of a nonprofit serving people with with disabilities in Kitsap County.


Travis earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University.

Family First


As a father of four, Travis knows what it is like to work through the challenges of getting kids through school, he knows what it's like to spend a fortune at the grocery store and the gas pump, and he knows what it’s like to worry about our kids' future in these hard times.


Travis understands that just like his family comes first, all of our families come first, and are the most important thing in our lives. He understands the struggles and triumphs of parenthood, and how demanding life can be when you have others to put before yourself.


Travis brings this understanding to Olympia every day with all 35th District families in mind. He believes that by putting 35th District and Washington State families first, we will all be more prosperous. 



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