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The Couture campaign is proud and humbled to have been endorsed by every Republican organization in Mason County, and looks forward to working with Mason County Republicans this election season.

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Representative Jesse Young
Representative Jesse Young (26th LD)

I'm proud to endorse fellow Republican Travis Couture for Washington State House of Representatives in the 35th district.

For 10 years I have known Travis. He is a principled man of integrity and reason who can be depended upon to meet every challenge with courage and boundless energy.

As a U.S. Navy veteran, he knows the true meaning of service before self and will never shy away from doing what is right. He's also a fighter, and what our communities need now, more than ever, is someone who will stand with boldness for our shared values.

Travis will be a champion for law enforcement, first responders, and public safety which means our families will be safer with him at the helm. Most importantly, he will unconditionally defend our Constitutional rights.

Please join me in supporting Travis Couture!

Jesse Young

State Representative, 26th Legislative District

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Bob Rogers
“It is my privilege to know Travis Couture and to support him as the next representative to the Washington State Legislature in the 35th District, Position 2.

I have known Travis for many years during which he has been an unwavering supporter of placing decision making in the hands of families and individuals, not the government. We need a representative in Olympia that not only has the knowledge and interest to bring needed change to our state government, but also the passion to stand up and be heard no matter what the situation. My experience, as a city council member and mayor, reinforced the need to bring common sense solutions back to our state to allow individuals and communities to thrive.

I encourage you to meet Travis and learn why I believe he will be a great voice for the people of the 35th.”

Bob Rogers

Former Mayor & City Council Member, City of Shelton

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