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Law Enforcement Endorses Couture

The Couture campaign is honored to receive the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police Olympic Mountain Lodge #23.

"As the President of Olympic Mountain Lodge #23 of the Fraternal Order of Police, the largest police organization in the country, I am proud to announce that the Fraternal Order of Police will provide our support and endorsement to Travis Couture for State Representative 35th District Position 2, " said President Tim Ripp in the letter of endorsement.

"Furthermore, Travis Couture has been steadfast in his support of law enforcement and their well-being. We now return the commitment he has shown to us by supporting his election campaign for State Representative 35th District Position 2."

Travis has been an outspoken supporter of first responders, and public safety a cornerstone of his campaign priorities, as short-sighted and radical laws passed by the majority party in the legislature have left communities across the 35th District vulnerable to high crime. He understands restoring public safety begins with giving law enforcement the respect they deserve, as well as the resources, tools, training, and facilities they need to do their job of protecting our community. Travis believes that a safe community requires a strong and robust law enforcement presence, and that by partnering with law enforcement, and listening to their needs, we can begin to safeguard the 35th District against rising crime.


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