Updated: Apr 16

Bob Rogers
“It is my privilege to know Travis Couture and to support him as the next representative to the Washington State Legislature in the 35th District, Position 2.

I have known Travis for many years during which he has been an unwavering supporter of placing decision making in the hands of families and individuals, not the government. We need a representative in Olympia that not only has the knowledge and interest to bring needed change to our state government, but also the passion to stand up and be heard no matter what the situation. My experience, as a city council member and mayor, reinforced the need to bring common sense solutions back to our state to allow individuals and communities to thrive.

I encourage you to meet Travis and learn why I believe he will be a great voice for the people of the 35th.”

Bob Rogers

Former Mayor & City Council Member, City of Shelton

Updated: Apr 16

The Kitsap County Republican Party has unanimously endorsed and certified Republican Travis Couture for the 2022 election of State Representative in the 35th District, position 2, after having gained the confidence of the Central Committee through a rigorous and thorough vetting process.

The Couture campaign is humbled by the support and excited to work together with Kitsap Republicans in the 2022 election.

BANGOR, Wash. Sept. 29, 2010- The Ohio-class ballistic submarine USS Alabama (SSBN 731) returns to Naval Base Kitsap from a deterrent patrol. (U.S. Navy photo by Ray Narimatsu/Released)

I was thrilled when I recently saw Travis Couture’s announcement that he is running for the Washington State House of Representatives in the 35th District. I had the pleasure of getting to know Travis during his service aboard the USS ALABAMA when I was Commanding Officer from 2009 to 2012.

Travis was a great shipmate and exceptional sailor in every sense of the word. I was extremely fortunate to have him on our submarine’s team. As a young sailor Travis demonstrated the virtues that would make him a great representative for his community - a great sense of optimism, a commitment to improving his community, an energetic and curious mind, a pragmatic approach to problem solving, and a firm commitment to the fundamental standards that we stood for as a ship and a Nation.

From the very beginning, Travis punched above his weight as a leader in the hardest working division on the submarine. His remarkable effectiveness was due to his ability to learn fast and motivate his team to higher levels of performance. His relentless curiousity and his sincere interest in his crew were essential in building a strong team on a solid foundation of trust.

Submarine service can be very challenging and it was during many of these critical times that Travis proved his resilience and sense of optimism. Regardless of the demands placed on the crew, I could always rely on Travis to be the one showing up to greet any challenge with a smile and faith that the team would either find a way or make one.

I wish Travis all the best and urge the people of the 35th District to send Travis to Olympia as their next Representative!

CAPT Chris Kline, USN (Retired)

Commanding Officer, USS ALABAMA (B) Aug 2009-May 2012