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Top Priorities

I am a firm believer that our values set our priorities. We want to enjoy the fruits of our labor, protect our families, feel safe, educate our kids, and enjoy the freedoms that come with being an American." 

                      - Travis

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Taxes & Economy

We need solutions that will help businesses run smoothly, work to reduce regulations and make them predictable, curtail a slow and frustrating bureaucracy, and most importantly lower taxes and reject any state income tax. Travis will go to Olympia with the understanding that we cannot tax ourselves into prosperity.

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Public Safety

Our communities must be safe. To do that we need a robust, well-funded, and well-trained law enforcement presence. Travis will collaborate with public safety entities, such as our great police, EMT’s, and firefighters, with the utmost respect to ensure that they have the right tools and facilities to do the important job of saving lives and protecting the people.


Constitutional Rights

The most basic function of a legislator is to follow the Constitution, a fact that a lot of politicians in Olympia seem to forget. Too often government busy-bodies are working to erode civil liberties such as your right to keep and bear arms, your freedom of speech, and your property rights. Travis will boldly stand up to protect these rights, always and forever. 



Our kids are our future, and their education is paramount to their success. Let's push to get back to basics, get politics out of our schools, advocate for education alternatives, and partner with schools to end unfunded mandates that harm school budgets.


Homelessness & Drugs

The rampant homelessness and opioid epidemic is getting worse. The ideas currently being tried to solve the issue at times lack common sense, compassion, and often make things worse. Living on the street is not a life, and free heroin needles is not compassion. Travis will fight to clean up our streets, make our community safe, and get the homeless the help they need.

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